Sunday, September 14, 2014

Web fonts

You mightn't know there’s a colourful spectrum of web fonts available for free and supported by Google. Pick them for your  blog, website, Google Docs texts or even for keeping them in your laptop for other uses.

SD Fresh Font byThere’s not much to say about this splendid project. You can check the website at and roam about. Teaching this method to your students will empower them to give a personal touch to their blogs, sites and documents.

The site gives you the option to review any font, bookmark and obtain the correspondent HTML code to be inserted inside your pages. You can also get a speed impact measure, so you can know the loading time associated with them.

To use it in your blog just insert two lines of code provided by the page after selecting the font: the HTML code and the CSS one.

For the HTML code: click on edit and insert your code before the HEAD tag.

For the CSS code: go to Template/advanced/add css and paste it.

How to use them? I usually write my posts on Google Docs, so I do all the formating there (fonts, bullets, pictures, colors…) and then copy&paste it into Blogger.

Obviously the chosen fonts have to be inserted in both places (Docs and Bloggers). If not it could happen that you see them but others don’t.