Saturday, September 13, 2014

Google Apps

Google Apps has finally made the difference. And with its offline applications your productivity will boost incredibly. Go on reading…

рівняннями, малюнками,Google Apps is a bunch of office-like applications, as docs, slides or sheets. If you have a Google account then you can go directly to and sign in. It's free!

Even though its functionality can look scarce in comparison with other applications, as OpenOffice, there are plenty of advantages to make the shift:

  1. Integrated tools: research, dictionary...
  2. Easy way to embed links, images, citations, graphs...
  3. Compatibility across Google apps.
  4. Compatibility across multiple devices (I'm writing this article using my mobile device while I'm lying on my towel tanning under the sun).
  5. Offline working mode.

The offline functionality option has been, in my opinion, the key to beat Google’s competence. To enable it go to Chrome Web Store and look for offline apps. Install docs, sheets and slides (you could also install Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Drawings…).


From this moment on you can create,view and edit documents/slides/... using your Chrome browser. Offline applications are gathered inside a new icon on the bottom bar. Next time you go online Chrome will synchronise everything automatically. In the meanwhile your data will be saved to your computer.

As you can see it's a great way to work while going to the school by train, when at the beach... You don't have to worry any more about saving your work, taking your memory sticks with you, or even fear of losing your data.