Thursday, October 29, 2015

Presenting at The Gamification World Congress: gEducation2015

I’m proud to announce that on the 13th of November 2015 I’ll be giving a presentation at the Gamification World Congress in Barcelona.

Only 6 papers have been selected worldwide, and mine is among them: “the Haidei framework”, an educational framework where the educational curriculum, visible thinking and gamification are integrated.

Information about the event:

From 10th to 13th November 2015 the fourth annual Gamification World Congress will be held in Barcelona (Spain), four days of international content featuring the best projects and top experts in the world.
Over 100 globally-renowned speakers have already spoken at Gamification World Congress, including the likes of Richard Bartle, Mario Herger, Andrzej Marczewski, Tom Chatfield, Kevin Werbach, An Coppens, Brian Burke, Bart Briers and Thijs de Vries. And this next event will boast an even greater international repercussion than ever.
Gamification has become a powerful tool to engage students to learn in a different and funnier way. gEducation, the educational Workshop from Gamification World Congress aims to become a forum for educators, researchers and practitioners in the area of Education Innovation that are interested in how gamification is changing the future of education and how gamification can be used to improve the learning process, engage students, etc. Further of cases studies, gEducation believe that Gamification is a line of research that is becoming more important and essential to improve techniques of creation, monitoring, measuring, and improvement of gamified systems.