Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teachers in social networks

Teachers need to socialize and, more important, they have to share quality information.

2013-10-27-socialmediaicons.png If we have to be present on all social networks, well… then we can go nuts. That’s why it’s important to know which networks to choose and what for. As a teacher I personally use these:

  1. Twitter: my favourite one. Rivers of knowledge flow unstoppably all day long. Check my account, I have a lot of Ed colleagues.
  2. Pininterest: love it! It’s like a collection of cheat sheets! It’s way useful to find resources (e.g, for flipping).
  3. Google+: I’m still forcing myself to check it on a regular basis, but some communities about education are starting to settle down, and its interface is very attractive, not to mention it’s directly indexed by Google.
  4. Facebook: I must confess I have a personal and a professional profile. With the second one I sometimes find useful information.
  5. LinkedIn: this is more suitable for professional promotion.
  6. Reddit: I don’t use it widely, but I must admit it’s a good place to curate information.

I usually check my Twitter account through my mobile device. When I find something worth sharing I click on it to access its details and I long tap the screen to copy the text to the clipboard. Then I open Everypost, paste the clipboard and multishare it. Everypost is an application which lets you publish a message in multiple sites at once. Just enter the information of each account you possess when installing for the first time.

Google+ might give you some troubles. Switch off Google’s security checks, and if problems persist change your account’s password. It works, I did it that way.

Check out this video for the details: