Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to set up a cloud printer

Cloud Printers ease people's lives as you can print from any devices connected to the Internet in an easy and clean manner.

Setting up a Cloud Printer is a really easy thing if you know how to do it! To set things up we need a printer connected to a computer (let's call it PR), and another computer from where to print (CL). Both have to be connected to the Internet.

1. In PR install Google Chrome:

2. Then, open Chrome and set up a Google account for PR (you can call it, or the like).

4. Go to settings, and type in the search box “print”. The option will appear immediately. Chrome will search for all the devices, your printer included. Select what interests you most (you can also add mobile devices, Google Drive...).

5. Now, in PR navigate to: You should see the previously installed printer. Click on the printer and push the sharing button. In the new window add your regular gmail account (the one you'll be using in CL).

From that moment on, everything’s set up in your “server”. Both the computer and the printer should be switched on in order to be able to print. It’s not necessary for Chrome to be opened all the time.

6. In your regular laptop do the same as in #1, #2 and #3.

7. Open your Gmail and you should see a post inviting you to accept the printer. Open it and click on accept. Once you have done that you should see it on your Chrome’s settings (point #4).

8. Install the Windows plug-in, so you can print from any program (

Let’s try it!

9. Open Chrome and navigate to some site. Click on print. Google Cloud Print should appear.

10. Do the same with another Windows application. Click on print.

To clear things a little more check this video: